Here are a number of ways to get models. You can find file names by clicking 1 below for a mixture of molecules, 2 to get drugs and amino acids and other biochemical molecules, 3 to get PAHs, NPAHs and carbon clusters, and 4 to get crystals. To see these molecules just drag the file name from the directory to the blank white frame below the JSmol box (make sure it is empty first by clicking and holding down the left mouse button while applying the delete key on your computer), and press Search. You can also do the same process on any URL, and at PDB, Pub Chem and NCI you need only type in their file name without extension. Additionally you can use "from local disk" (a menu choice in blue) to get directories on your machines hard drive and choose files directly from there. The latter is an easy way to set up for a lecture.
Many .LOG files contain MO information. so you can look at the HOMO and LUMO and can use the Jmol right-click menu to see the other MOs. Some files will not give ESP using either option given.

1 - various molecules            2 - drugs, amino acids, biochemicals    
3 - PAHs, NPAHs, carbon clusters           4 - crystals

from local disk
zap current file
open console  close console
electrostatic potential for .LOG and some .mol files
electrostatic potential off
electrostatic potential for .mol and .pdb files
charges on charges off