Structures of Selected Crystals

This example includes some lattice types (first row of buttons), elements (U and C), alloys (SnAs, GaAs and Au5Mn2) and a variety of ionic complexes. Some are shown as the unit cell, some labeled and the others not, and some are shown as larger crystals. The bottom row shows the compounds (mostly) with lines drawn to help see the structural relationships. Of particular value here is the Jmol menu (and although it is still called Jmol, there is no Java used - everything is javascript or HTML5, hence no worries). For example you right-click to bring up the Jmol menu, and then you can go Select --> Element --> left-click on an element (usually a large negative atom) then right-click and go to Color --> Atoms and at the bottom of that menu left-click on Make Translucent and you can then see other inner atoms in the structure.