Here you can examine the MOs from a SCF calculation on C60 (buckyball). The choices in the menu at the side are for the five highest energy filled and five lowest energy vacant MOs. You can, however, use the Jmol menu, obtained by right clicking on the molecule, to view all 240 MOs if you are so persuaded (and then we'll call the people in the white suits). To view other MOs from that menu click on Surfaces, then Molecular Orbitals, then choose from the lists the orbital that you wish to see. Alternatively you can start from the menu, click on Console, and in the bottom part of the Console type mo space then the number of the MO you wish to see. For example typing mo 50;mo cutoff 0.01;mo fill nomesh;mo translucent 0.3 will show you a very cool orbital. You will find that drawing the MOs takes time for so complex a set, and may take a minute per orbital or more. Chrome works very well at this. Firefox may initially give you an error message saying that a script is taking too long. If you see that message choose the option not to show that message again, and from that point on it will draw the orbital. The arrow may change to an hourglass and Firefox say not running at the very top of the screen, but it is running and will complete the orbital. Patience, or at least a little bit of patience, is a virture. Please contact me if you have any problems.