PseudoTetrahedral Ni(dmp)I2 and Distorted Square Planar Pt(dmp)I2

M(dmp)X2 complexes

With Ni(II)
The CH3 groups of the dmp ligand sterically
block the formation of a square planar complex:
Ni(dmp)I2 takes on a pseudo-tetrahedral geometry
With Pt(II) or Pd(II):
In contrast Pt(II) and Pd(II) complexes of the dmp ligand
take on a distorted square planar geometry
Note that both the dmp ligand is distorted to accomodate the
preferred square planar geometry for the metal and the square
planar geometry of the metal is distorted by the ligand.


Note: some Hydrogens were not located in the x-ray crystal structure determination and have been added computationally

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